Masquerade Masks in a Minute: Quick Costumes for Maquerade Parties

Masquerade masks offer the most vibrant and unique selection of patterns and styles available in costume stores. Some are gorgeous while others are are dark or playful.  There are so many variations that anyone can find a face covering that suits their individual personality.  All that selection also means you have to spend a great deal of time wading through masquerade masks to find one that is appropriate for your purposes.

What happens if you have little to no time to shop and limited funds to purchase a nice costume piece to wear to an event or party? Don’t feel like the odd man out because you didn’t prepare. Instead browse the wide selection of mind blowing and breathtaking printable masquerade masks that are instantly available on The Printable Mask Shop.

Be the Belle of the Ball with Beautiful Masks

Bright PurpleMask

Bright Purple Mask

If you are searching for something elegant and feminine, there are many designs to work with. Various butterfly inspired patterns often come with a gentle feminine quality that looks stunning on any lady.  The Bright Purple Masquerade mask features a charming color scheme with light hues and a lavender background. Flowing detail creates a hand painted look that will highlight any ensemble you pair it with. If you love the color but need something a little more dramatic, check out the long Purple Butterfly mask.

Pinks and purples may be appealing to some women, but others require a different color scheme to match their individuality. The Green and Gold Masquerade mask has a lizard-like quality to it with a textured green background and golden embellishments around each side.  The Purple Masquerade mask is another take on traditional color schemes with two different eye hole shapes and a pattern that is reminiscent of Mardi Gras celebrations.

Handsome Masquerade Masks for Men

The guys can look just as good with the masculine patterns found among printable masquerade masks.  The Warrior Masquerade mask for men introduces classic designs to a modern printable costume accessory. The entire surface is covered in a rich bronze hue that looks close to the real thing. A pair of powerful horses  and shining emeralds give this design a regal appearance that goes with many kingly costumes.

The man who wants to stand out can try an Orange and Red Fiery Masquerade mask. This unisex pattern uses a hot color scheme that is showcased by a series of flames cut into the top and bottom of each eye hole.  There is no missing this mask, even if you are lingering in a crowd of other masqueraders.  The Green and Orange Masquerade mask is a darker alternative that looks just as detailed without all the bright hues.

Gold Masquerade Mask

Gold Masquerade Mask

Make Sure Everyone Has a Masquerade Mask

Organizing a party or event is no small task. It’s almost guaranteed that someone is not going to read the entire invitation and will arrive without a costume. Printable masquerade masks are the easiest way to help set the tone and atmosphere without anyone feeling left out.  Consider preparing a few extra basic masks, like the Gold Masquerade mask which features delicate green foliage. The Steel Blue Masquerade mask is another great backup choice because it utilizes a color scheme that men and women love with designs that can be worn by either gender.

Even if you are not the party organizer, it doesn’t hurt to arrive armed with a few extra printable masquerade masks. You will be the life of the party handing out fun wearable favors!  A dozen printable designs can be purchased with the Masquerade mask pack so you have plenty to go around!





Blue Mirage Masquerade Mask
Blue Mirage Masquerade Mask
This is a great mask for a man heading to the masquerade ball. Attach to a stick or add an elastic string.
Price: $2.99
Purple Butterfly Mask
Purple Butterfly Mask
Glue on a stick to hold to your face or use as a mask. This mask works well for animal costume parties or at a masquerade ball.
Price: $3.99
Red and Gold Masquerade Mask
Red and Gold Masquerade Mask
This beautiful glimmering masquerade mask is great for gentlemen with class and chivalry.
Price: $2.99
Venetian Mask Package
Our favorite masks and some of the most popular downloads are all included in this exceptional value package. (total value is $44.00 if purchased separately)
Price: $11.99
Masquerade Package
This fantastic package includes 12 masquerade masks for men and women.  These masks are easy to cut out and make.
Price: $9.99
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