5 Halloween Costume Ideas That Use Printable Paper Masks

There are many great Halloween costume ideas that can utilize inexpensive printable paper masks. Before you spend time and money on your holiday look, find out how you can build something original with a few components and a piece of thick paper!  You  may already own some of the items needed to complete each unique outfit.

Become a Playful Penguin This Season

Penguin Mask

Penguin Mask

Animal Halloween costume ideas are a common theme for many families.  While everyone else is donning their ears and muzzles to become wolves and black cats, you can become an adorable penguin! The paper penguin mask is a real charmer with angled eye holes and a slender yellow beak.

Guys, if you happen to have an old tuxedo on hand from a wedding or other event, now is a great time to dust it off and try it on! Everyone else can look for any solid black clothing they already own. Any garment will do – long or short sleeved shirts, skirts and pants. As long as the clothing offers enough coverage for the weather you can wear it as a penguin! If you would like to get even more creative, find a white apron or bib to wear as the penguin’s pale belly.

Build Your Own Powerful Superhero

Superheroes can be anything you want them to be. Guys can print the mysterious Mr. Wonderful mask while the ladies prove their mettle with the female superhero mask. Any brightly colored garments will work with this daring duo. Don’t forget to comb through last year’s props and accessories. You can refine your superhero Halloween costume ideas with an old cape or pair of tights.

A swimsuit can also be worn over tights or other snug fitting garments.  It is not recommended that anyone go around in a bathing suit only, unless revealing attire is appropriate for the event.  Just remember to bring a jacket because even the most powerful superheroes can catch a cold when the temperature drops!

Ramla African Mask

Ramla African Mask

Explore Rich Culture with an African Tribal Costume

Add symbolism to your outfit by exploring African Halloween costume ideas. Many tribal styles are available, including the Ramla  and Isoba African masks. While Ramla is wise and Isoba stealthy, Farai may be a better persona for you because this African mask loves to party!

Enhance your African ensemble by adding colorful garments, preferably those with vibrant patterns. If you happen to have long hair, consider weaving numerous braids or beads into it that will allow you to really adopt the look and make it your own. Feathers also make an excellent addition to your unique African tribal costume. The entire family  or a group of friends can get in on the fun with the African mask package.

Prehistoric Excitement in a Paper Mask

They may not exist anymore, but they certainly left their mark on the world. So why not get into the spirit with dinosaur Halloween costume ideas? Depending on the creature you plan to recreate, you may need to focus on a different color scheme. Solid garments will work best, however you can apply your own finishing touches. A long tail or sharp claws would really help capture the nature of the beast.

Many detailed dinosaur masks can be used in your prehistoric costume creation. The green Triceratops mask is easy to identify. If you want something with a fierce attitude and more teeth, try on the grinning Tyrannosaurus Rex mask. The gaping maw of the Allosaurus may be just as intimidating in any holiday setting.

Evil Should Always Come with a Cape

Evil Halloween costume ideas can be great fun, especially if you like to get into character as a villain or creepy monster.  The Diablo Scary and Freaky Clown masks are sure to send a chill down a few spines, especially if you add your finest black or red cloak. Any dark cape will work. Simply slide the hood up and around the mask and get ready to frighten your fellow Halloween revelers!

Freaky Clown Mask

Freaky Clown Mask



Here are some other great Halloween Mask ideas