Masks for Kids

Masks for Kids

Great Ideas for Masks for Kids

Finding affordable and entertaining costume masks for our kids has been a chore for parents for many years. Hosting or attending costume parties, school plays, birthday parties, Halloween parties or for just keeping the kids busy with something to entertain themselves will always be part of the fun role as a parent.

At The Printable Mask Shop, we constantly try to create unique printable masks that kids love and keep them very easy to make and cheap. Judging from the hundreds of emails we have received from happy parents over the last several years, I think that has been accomplished.


Printable masks also make great craft projects with your kids. There are plenty of safety scissors you can buy for under $5 bucks that are good for ages 4+.  So all you need to do is:


  1. get the kids to choose their favorite masks (or get a package),
  2. print them off on a color printer or send them to the local printer,
  3. cut them out with them,
  4. glue, tape or staple a string to the inside
and in minutes you have a wonderful collection of professional masks they they will enjoy even more since they had a part in making them.


Below we have listed a ton of our great masks for kids. Click on any of the images to view more details and to purchase the mask. If you would like a certain custom theme created or do not find the perfect mask, let us know and we will be happy to work something out.