Save Money This Year with Printable Halloween Masks

Halloween masksPrintable Halloween masks are a great choice for many reasons. Families across the nation have found that funds are tight and holiday spending must be kept to a minimum. This shouldn’t mean disappointment for the little ones (or the big ones for that matter)! Paper is relatively inexpensive to use when making costumes. The problem is that it can be so challenging to come up with a good looking disguise using only paper.

That’s where printable Halloween masks shine. You don’t have to do any design work. The pattern is already created. You can browse an enormous selection, just like you would at a pricey costume shop.  Before you throw another $30 – $50 bucks away on an overpriced fabric or latex costume, consider the ways printable Halloween masks can help keep your wallet full this season combined with a costume from clothes right out of your old closet.

Wolf Mask

Wolf Mask


Printable Halloween Masks Do Not Require a Trip to the Store

Whether you want to transform into a snarling werewolf or a disturbing clown, you can find the perfect face covering online. Traditional costume shopping requires a visit to your local party or department store. Whether your journey is 15 minutes or 45, that’s still funds wasted on gas as well as extra time needed just to get to the shop. Larger families may find it difficult to schedule a single trip for everyone, which can mean that multiple visits must be made and more time and money will be lost in the process.

There is another downside to shopping in brick and mortar stores. These retailers know how to push additional purchases on you and your children. Impulse items are often placed near registers or along visible aisles where they are the most tempting.

You may go in for one prop or accessory and end up coming out with much more. Printable Halloween masks like the Wilted Witch and Captain Cannibal faces are just as creepy and unsettling as non-paper versions. The difference is that they come at a much lower price and without all the money-devouring temptation.

Captain Cannibal Mask

Captain Cannibal Mask

More Halloween Costumes Means Less Storage Space 

Unlike printable Halloween masks, traditional costume pieces will require some kind of storage. Unless you plan on throwing or giving away your disguise every year and buying a new one the next, you will have to come up with a way to safely store each item.  This task will become more difficult if new props and accessories are added each year.

Plastic storage totes have become a popular way to tuck holiday decorations away when they aren’t needed. These are quite handy but require an additional purchase. A single tote can cost over $10. On top of spending money on your outfit, you will also have to purchase additional containers or risk potentially ruining pieces if they wind up crushed or ripped.

Printable Halloween masks are completely flat. Each is two dimensional so they require almost no storage space. Slide them in a folder and place in a desk or tuck away anywhere that you keep documents. Even if you purchase one of the colorful mask packages, which include 12 or more masks, you will still need very little space to keep each looking pristine.

Save money this holiday season by going with printable Halloween masks. They can be browsed online and downloaded in seconds. Simply print on sturdy paper, cut and wear! Invest your time and funds wisely so you can enjoy a stress-free celebration this October.

Crushed Cranium Skull Mask

Scary Skull Mask


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