Beautiful Gold and Orange Venetian Mask


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This gorgeous mask has top quality designed accessories and will no doubt be the talk of the party!

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by Jessica Simmons on
Top quality for a printable mask

This mask was so amazing and easy to do . It had so much color and was the perfect touch for the party I attended. I would absolutely recommend getting it printed on glossy paper though.

Cutting Hints:  Use a fine pointed X-Acto knife on this beautiful mask.  First is the easy part….Cut around the main head piece and eyes.  Hold the mask up to your eyes and make sure that the eyes line up on your face.  It’s possible to cut the eyes in deeper towards the nose or wider towards the eyes to ensure good visibility.  On page two you will find three individual accessories that will create the beauty of your mask.  These pieces have some very narrow spots so take your time.  If any areas need extra stength after carving you can use a small piece of tape on the back and then trim.  Once all the accessories are cut out use a clear glue that goes on smooth and determine where your attachments will hang.  Smooth the glue into the areas of the accessories which will attach to the main mask.  Make sure you lay your mask flat till completely dry.  Take an elastic string (or ribbon) and measure around the back of your head to each eye leaving an inch extra on each end.  Attach the elastic string with tape or hot glue  to the back of the mask at each side of the eyes.  Your Beautiful Gold and Orange Venetian Mask is now complete and you are ready to arrive at the party in style.