Free Printable Masks

We have decided to give away a whole bunch of masks for free!

Find your favorite and enjoy. We will be adding new free masks all the time and taking away others so if you like it, download it right away! Simply press the Google +1 button below any of the images to instantly download any of the masks.

Free Animal Masks

Here are a couple of popular cute animal masks for free. Remember these will not be available here forever so download them today!











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Free Halloween Masks

Here are a couple of our very popular Halloween masks you can get for free (for a limited time)







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Free African Mask

Bujune is one of our Favorite African tribal masks and we are giving him away!




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Free Masquerade Mask

here are some simply but effective masquerade masks you can make real quick and are very colorful.



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Check back often for more free masks!