Animal Mask Parties

Animal themed or an animal mask party is an excellent occasion for birthday parties. If you want to throw a birthday party in a simple way without involving the glitz and gimmicks of shiny decorations and costly entertainers, an animal mask party is the best birthday party you can throw for your children.

An animal themed party is perfect for both boys and girls. And it does not require much to get done. You can organize an animal mask party for your kids between 2 to 12 years of age. This party can also be held in a hall, backyard or in any suitable space in your house.

However, before you can effectively organize an animal mask party, you need to decide on the:

  • theme,
  • craft activities for the party,
  • party games and the take home presents.

The Theme

It will be beneficial to narrow the animal theme down. You can choose from Safari, Zoo, Rainforest, Jungle and African animals which are more popular and include tigers, lions, giraffes, monkeys, Cheetahs etc. There are also the farm animals like pigs, cows, horses, sheep, cats, dogs and many others. Narrowing down the animal theme will help you to get a uniformed appearance or the perfect combination that will be suitable for the party.

Decide on the Craft Activities

The craft activities are meant to keep the children busy as they wait for guests or in between games. You can design animal themed coloring sheets or print free ones from the internet and photocopy them.

You can also use animal masks. This is the most attractive of all the games that can occupy the children during the quiet moments. Here you can find all of our animal mask templates and animal masks printables.

Once you have cut them out, you can decorate with a little glitter, wigs, feathers, fasten elastic string or ribbon to the sides with tape. Make sure to take plenty of pictures of the kids in costume and email to their parents afterwards.

Animal mask parties for kids always make a great keepsake in photo albums.

Choose the Party Game

In this case, you can stick with the animal party games, such as; You can play animal themed music

  • Play animal themed musical chairs
  • The animal themed pass-the-parcel

After-party gifts are also a fabulous idea. they are a good way of keeping the memory of the party with your guests. After the party, the children can take the crafts or coloring pages home. There are also the inexpensive animal mugs with a variety of themes and the party bags. You also have a choice to fill the bags with balloons, stickers and toys.