Masquerade Parties

Imagine experiencing the intrigue and beauty of a masquerade party. Rich fabrics adorn all of those in attendance as soft music sets the tone of this enchanted evening. Elegantly dressed, partygoers dance to the music but the loveliest part of the evening, the part that leads to the grandeur and mystery of it all, are the masquerade masks that cover the faces of those around. These masquerade party masks, artfully colored and decorated not only hide those who adorn them, but create a special allure and ambience absent at any other theme party.

While it may seem overwhelming to host a masquerade party, it is really a quite simple way to allow people to express themselves and experience the beauty of the masquerade.

Party Themes

Themes are essential to a great masquerade party as they inform the type of party, the invitations, music, food, and many other elements. They can range from the more generic themes such as Masquerade Nights or Moonlight and Masquerades to more specific periods in history or topic specific themes. Examples of these more specific themes might include topics of like Shakespeare or Broadway or time periods like The Roarin 20s. Glancing through the masquerade masks online here can help establish possible themes.


Once the theme as been selected, invitations are the easiest way to convey the theme to your guests. Invitations, like everything else, can be simple or elaborate.  They can be ordered online through a variety of invitation stores. A unique twist on masquerade invitations would be to download and print a masquerade ball mask that stays within the theme. All relevant information can be written on the back for the guest.


The invitations are a powerful communication piece for the guests as they will notify the guests of the theme and formality of the event. Most importantly, the invitation will be a place to give suggestions of where guests can find masquerade party masks and which type of mask to look for: full-face or half-face. Additionally, it might be beneficial to remind guests that although often misspelled as mascarade masks, masqurade masks and masquarade masks, the proper spelling is masquerade masks as that will aid them in their search for a mask.


Decorations for the masquerade party set the tone. In keeping with the elegance of a traditional masquerade party, rich, textured fabrics are often incorporated. These can found at fabric stores and can range in price from cheap to “très” expensive. Deep jewel tones can mix together to create a lush backdrop to the evening. In one corner, a combination of decorations can be gathered for a photo area where guests can receive a photo memory of the evening.


An evening of games can increase the fun of a masquerade party. Of course, these can range in simplicity as well and should be structured to match the formality of the evening. A simple game, such as a costume contest, can be conducted no matter the type of party. Categories can be included to make the contest more interesting and judging can occur from the types of masks for masquerade to the attire of the guests; the more categories, the more fun the evening can be. A Guess the Guest game can also add to the intrigue of the evening as guests try to figure out who they have been visiting and dancing with all night. Of course, a traditional reveal at the end of the evening should be scheduled as well.


A final element that cannot be overlooked to create the ambiance of the masquerade party is the music. If possible, hiring a string quartet or similar group to provide live music can truly set the evening apart from others of its kind. However, similar music can be ordered online in CD form or downloaded to be added to an MP3 playlist. Whichever form is chosen, the most important component is to ensure the music matches the theme and deepens the guests’ experience.

When crafted correctly, a masquerade night can be a most memorable night. As these stunning masquerade party masks attest, the evening can be rich and beautiful. And, with the ease of using the masquerade masks here, the evening can be that much simpler.