Venetian Themed Parties

Venetian Masks and How You Can Put Them to Use

There are many kinds of masks out there that can be used in several ways. While masquerade masks and Venetian masks are the most popular of masks available, many people are still confused on the true origin of Venetian masks. The Venetian masks originated in the 11th century in Venice, Italy. It refers to special designs that were used for carnival celebrations; which is still practiced in many parts of the world.

Venetian masks are designed for people of different backgrounds; offering them opportunities to explore several funny, entertaining and sometimes erotic activities while disguising their true identity. It was designed originally from several materials forming a paper mache mask, but today can be simply purchased online, downloaded and printed on high quality card stock paper, ready to add your own accessories.

Venetian masks can be downloaded, printed and then decorated with fabrics, jewelry and many other beautifying materials. When used for carnival celebrations, Venetian masks are often made up in the traditional form depicting the origin of the materials but as of late venetian masks have become more extravagant and outrageous like these from our Venetian Mask collection:

Carnival Venetian Mask Detailed Venetian Mask gold and orange venetian mask

Uses for Venetian Masks

Venetian masks are designed traditionally for carnival celebration called the carnevale in Italian. It is served as a means through which people from different works of life can interact together disguising their status and true identity. Today, a perfect Venetian mask can be used in any custom, for decorative purposes, in the Hollywood industry, for private parties and for birthday celebrations.

  • Costume Uses: Venetian masks are still the best items with which high-powered individuals in any society can conceal their identity and engage in amorous activities. They can be used for masquerading, custom parties, Mardi Gras and Halloween events.
  • Decorations Purposes: There are also some Venetian masks specifically designed for decorative purposes. Owing to the global acceptance of the Venetian carnival tradition in the 70s, the production of these amazing items increased rapidly. They were produced in various sizes as facial wear, house decorations, and for many other purposes. Now, there are many sellers of Venetian masks scattered across the world.
  • Hollywood: If you are a fan of Hollywood, you may have observed that this industry has produced a lot of remarkable and successful movies portraying the mystique of Venetian masks. Some movies such as Eye Wide Shut and V For Vendetta, you will see these Venetian masks and you will understand how popular and how people have creatively made them. These masks have kept the identity of several movie stars secret and have added fun and mystery to some of their movie roles.
  • Personal And Private Parties: Venetian masks can also be used for private parties among families, between business colleagues, or to celebrate any other happy moment. Any corporate organization can also use these masks when organizing special events like a end of year party, anniversary celebrations, etc.
  • Birthday Celebrations: Kids always love imaginary things. A nicely selected set of Venetian masks will keep children busy all day. When accompanied with games, and crafting activities, Venetian masks are sure to be a big hit at any party!

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