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sleeping beauty costumes and masks


Attention teachers, group leaders, parents or anyone else responsible for overseeing school plays

Now you can liven up your Sleeping Beauty school play with bright functional character masks that students can print off themselves and have ready in just minutes.
The designs are very detailed and adhere to the 40 foot rule. That means the mask is clearly visible up to 40 feet away.

Parents will really appreciate the bold, beautiful look as they snap pictures for the family album.

We have included a convenient gap around the mouth area so students can speak clearly without being muffled or muted. The audience will be able to see the words as well as hear them during the presentation.

Our Sleeping Beauty mask set provides a long list of the most important Sleeping Beauty characters, including:

Keep more money in your school budget and put on the best performance ever with these fabulous Sleeping Beauty printable masks!

Simply, download, print, cut out and begin rehearsing!